Norman Road. Swoon. St Leonards on Sea.

Shopping for things you want to delight yourself and friends. A very fine art gallery of modern British Art, another of Russian Art, (which is the best art gallery in St Leonards?), a great treasure trove of an antique shop, gifty shops, craft shops, home brewing shops, a 60s & 70s ¬†cult furniture shop, a clothing emporium with items from films and TV as well….it has to be fun!

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Shops & Galleries

Shop in Norman Road for great fun and things. From small hand made felt items to large chandeliers rescued from Parisian hotels the choice is monster.

Food & Drink & B&Bs

Host to the best reviewed cake shop anywhere, there are other delightful, quirky cafe/restaurants and even a grownup Michelin Restaurant. And an ace, trad Pub.


Really stylish hairdressers and a Traditional Men’s Barbers are worth getting spruced in. After that it’s printers, web-monkeys and the usual. Oh, and bean counters. Hi Mike!

We also like

Friends who are interesting and nice and worth a look. Oakley illuminations is by appointment only. Also, yay, links to other parts of the area, Kings Road.

Exclusively Norman Road

The fun, the style, the food and drink, the good times you can have.

  • Have fun 99.9%
  • Make Whoopee 96.43%
  • Love LoveCafe – awarded best in St Leonards 97.465%

Kino Teatr; Norman Road

Kino Teatr, a refurbed cinema from the early 20th century is opening very soon, May 2015. It will include a cinema and a performance venue for many sorts of live act. There will also be a restaurant/bar allied to performances, to make things really civilized. Open soon. Details here. It is all based in the Baker Mamonova... read more

New Designers

Norman Road has new designers, after the sad loss of Gensing Antiques. Welcome Designer people, may your pencils be sharp and your bag of pixels be always full. BTW New friends sometimes aren’t keen when cars are left double parked, blocking legally parked people from leaving and effing up the traffic flow. Loading and unloading is good, but there was a space to park a mere 30 yards away. Just... read more

Jeremy Birch

The local councillor Jeremy Birch died suddenly last week. He was the councillor for Norman Road. Jeremy was a mensch: a person of great honour and integrity. He will be very sadly missed. read more

Mondays can be a bit of a ¬†‘Day of the Seaside Zombie’ type day, with not a huge amount live, kicking or even Open.