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End of the world

“Rabble” is a bit strong really I feel. People demonstrating their rights, however dimwitted the perception of the situation isn’t rabble. Well some of the idiot Momentum lads were rabble, and the boy Owen is a rabble raiser like the cartoon lefty Mason, but not everyone was rabble by a long, long way. Cockwombles maybe.


Why do so many people have tatts all up their arms and onto their necks which have no theme, and are totally shit? Why do they want to look like an old school desk with badly drawn cartoons, facile icons and pictures of mummy. Don’t forget the multiple girlfriends, half of whom are spelt wrongly, and the pet dog eating a mouse or a cat or something. Just Why?

HR as a career

I have a habit of posting longer pieces, but this will be relatively short. A friend called today, asking if I could help her daughter find an internship.  Of course, I love helping young people, so I said fine and asked what her major was.  “Corporate Psychology” was the answer. I know several contributors are in the field of psychology or psychiatry, so maybe they can help me understand what this is, and if it’s real. I am aware that it would be in the Human Relations department.  Given my recent post on “A Culture of Thank You“, I have a feeling I know what kind of stuff is involved.  I’m not sure I like the concept.  Any time a business meeting starts with phrases like “it’s ok to be vulnerable” or “everyone needs to be aware this is a safe space” I become immediately wary of the goals of the meeting.  Not being involved will likely work against you.  So will being involved but asking the wrong questions.  I think that’s what Corporate Psychology is about.  Manipulating people to devise a particular result.  But maybe I’m wrong.