HR as a career

I have a habit of posting longer pieces, but this will be relatively short.

A friend called today, asking if I could help her daughter find an internship.  Of course, I love helping young people, so I said fine and asked what her major was.  “Corporate Psychology” was the answer.

I know several contributors are in the field of psychology or psychiatry, so maybe they can help me understand what this is, and if it’s real.

I am aware that it would be in the Human Relations department.  Given my recent post on “A Culture of Thank You“, I have a feeling I know what kind of stuff is involved.  I’m not sure I like the concept.  Any time a business meeting starts with phrases like “it’s ok to be vulnerable” or “everyone needs to be aware this is a safe space” I become immediately wary of the goals of the meeting.  Not being involved will likely work against you.  So will being involved but asking the wrong questions.  I think that’s what Corporate Psychology is about.  Manipulating people to devise a particular result.  But maybe I’m wrong.

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